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Off The Grid

I'm going to live off-grid. Read my blog and learn how to do it yourself!

Archive for October, 2009

I changed blog’s theme

I’m sorry I write about changing theme, and not about living off the grid. I just couldn’t pass by this theme I saw on another blog. I thought it fits perfectly to my idea of living off the grid — to live in the country, make your own energy and grow some biomass to heat the house.

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  • Produce, save, store!

    If you want power your off-grid home by yourself, you need to look at this idea on three levels:

    • producing the energy in any source,
    • reducing the energy use,
    • storing it for future when supply exceeds demand.

    There are only two ways to deal with this problem with one simple solution. But none of them is a good one. (more…)

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  • I just looked at the results of the poll I posted in the sidebar when I launched this blog. I ask there, what are the causes you want to live off-grid. One of the main causes is at the moment the “to reduce utility costs”. When I cast my vote in that poll I didn’t check this option. I simply don’t believe that living off the grid is a good way to reduce utility costs. (more…)

    Walden, or life in the woods

    A couple of days ago I finished reading the “Walden”, a book by Henry D. Thoreau. Though it was published more than 150 years ago (in 1854), it is considered by many off-gridders as their bible and source of inspiration. When I first started reading about living off the grid, I found references to this book. (more…)

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