Soon it will be two years since I started this blog. I am still living on-grid, using electrical power supplied by coal-burning power plants (most of which is probably produced in Bełchatów Power Plant — the largest thermal power plant in Europe and the second largest in the world, also the largest single carbon dioxide emitter). I only use alternative energy sources when on camping holidays, but my plans for future are vast, and I want to share those plans with you today.

This year I wanted to build a small strawbale shack. It is going to be built with straw bales and clay, using wooden posts to support the roof. I took part of a workshop this July, when we built a small strawbale building. The one we built had loadbearing walls and was a bit more difficult to build than the one I wanted on my piece of land. I wanted to build a wood frame first and then add strawbale walls and clay finish. Because of some misunderstandings, I wasn’t able to build it yet. But I can show you the one we built this summer: (more…)