Month: February 2011

  • How To Build An Autonomous House – Episode 2

    The video attached below is the second episode of my series about building an autonomous house on my land lot. Today I finished translating subtitles for this episode, so you can watch it with english subtitles. This episode shows the early spring on my lot. It was recorded in high definition, but I guess that […]

  • Off-grid energy sources: a good way to save for your retirement

    I read once an interesting opinion, that investing your money in renewable energy sources pays off mostly when you’re retired. Why is that? All the alternative, renewable energy sources, provide you with free energy. If the system is designed properly (for example, photovoltaic panels coupled with wind turbine), you always have enough energy to fulfill […]

  • Water as alternative energy source

    Water current can be effectively used to generate clean electricity. Generation of electricity from water currents can be accomplished in very large scales, by constructing dams or constructing tidal power plants and ocean surface wave power plants. It can also be done by individual homeowners (homesteaders) and small business owners, to generate and use small […]