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Archive for May, 2012

Straw bale house: wood on the roof

Last time we worked on the wood frame construction of the straw bale building. Now we had to add 6 beams that will support the roof, and a lot of boards (4 cm / 1.57 in thick).

The distance between the beams is 1.5 m / 5 ft, so I had to choose very thick boards that will not bend under the force exerted by snow on the roof or someone walking there. Too much deflection would cause the roofing felt to tear, and we don’t want that obviously. 😉 (more…)

Straw bale house: roofing felt

The work we conducted this week was probably the hardest and the least pleasant so far. We had to work in hot weather, using significant heat source (the flaming torch), and carry heavy loads (one roll of roofing felt weights about 30 kgs / 66 lbs).

But now the roof is waterproof and I can finish the work in any weather.

We also added some wooden beams to support the roof, so that the deflection caused by wind or snow load would be smaller. And we sprayed the top side of boards with antifungal protection (the green stuff) so that any moisture remaining in the boards would not cause the fungus to grow.

Straw bale house: wood frame construction

I mentioned we started building the straw bale house on my land, so here’s a video from the first part of the building – construction of the wood frame that will support the roof.

It took us (4 adults) one full day of work (spread to two following days) to finish it, and from this point of view I believe we could finish it a lot faster. I love the Fiskars earth auger (20 cm / 8 in diameter), making holes for the poles was fun and easy (except for the tree roots we had to cut using a hand saw).


I started my straw bale building

At the end of april I finally started constructing something on my off-grid plot of land. As the first thing I want to have there is a small building, made from straw bale and clay.

This building will be used at first for storage of all my gardening tools (rakes, shovels, wheelbarrow), but I will also place a couch there so that from time to time I can sleep there while visiting my lot. When I build my house there, I will use it as a parking place for my car, and maybe add some extra space for workshop. (more…)

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