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Archive for October, 2012

There are several household appliances that use a lot of energy, and because of that, may require a special setup of some sort. For example, if one was to use the microwave oven along with electric kitchen stove, off-grid energy sources like solar photovoltaics or wind turbines might not provide sufficient power. Unless you spend a lot of money on many solar panels or large wind turbine.

One of appliances that might cause small problems is the washing mashine. It uses a lot of energy to heat the water, and also some for the washing cycle, and spinning. And you can save a most of this energy if you get a device called Wonderwash. (more…)

In august, during the “Do It Yourself 2.0” workshops set up by Cohabitat, I ran a workshop in which I taught how to build a simple and affordable solar thermal collector that is suitable for domestic hot water.

Of course I made a lot of video and photos so that I could edit it all into a short video. Here’s the video. The commentary is in Polish, but below you find a translated transcript. (more…)

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