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Archive for November, 2012

In the middle of july, I took some time to gather some reusable materials: 3 wooden windows and a couple of plastic barrels. I also bought some rain gutters for my roof.

I installed the gutters and started work on the composting toilet. Of course I wasn’t able to finish that job, but you can see the outline of the outhouse. 😉 (more…)

Straw bale building: roofing felt

This video shows the work we did at the end of june. I found this one of the most important parts of the work, as from this point the building was protected from the rain.

We finished putting boards onto the roof, bought the asphalt roofing felt and installed it.

I planned to harvest rainwater, so I only needed the rain gutters. After that, rest of the work was planned to the end of summer or fall, when I would be able to get freshly harvested straw bales.


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