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World’s water supply and demand

While we constantly worry about getting enough fuel and energy (we’re quite aware of the Peak Oil and other energy crises), the more important matter for most of manking is getting access to clean, potable water.

In developed countries we have clean tap water easily available, and not worry much about getting it. We only worry when we’d like to buy a piece of land with no water mains nor well. (more…)

Water: drill (dig) your own well

If you don’t have access to water supply network, you can harvest rainwater, or use water you have on-site. If you have access to groundwater, you need to dig or drill a well to be able to use it.

Having your own well is a good idea. It is a reliable source of water, and the water in most cases is clean enough to be potable. So the only investment you need to make is to drill or dig the well, and to pump the water to the surface. (more…)

Composting toilets

The lot I want to build my off-grid home at is not connected to sanitary sewers (it even doesn’t have access to public water supply!), so I will have to deal with wastewater on my own. I have a batch of ideas I will share with you here in a couple of next posts.

One of ideas I got is to get rid of the traditional flushed toilets, and use composting toilets instead. The theory on composting toilets can be found here, so I will cut to the chase and explain the basics of this idea. And I will describe here the goal I want to accomplish. (more…)

Composting toilet – wikipedia

I wanted to write here a series of articles about my ideas of dealing with wastewater. One of my ideas is to use the composting toilets instead of ordinary flush toilets, connected to septic tank. This would allow me to save a bit of water (used for flushing those toilets), and reduce the amount of wastewater my off-grid house would produce.

And the best is that those composting toilets will produce compost, a very good additive for my future garden.

Before I write anything about why I want to use those composting toilets, first I want to share with you a great source of information about those toilets. (more…)

Water: rainwater harvesting

One of the easiest way to obtain water when you’re off the water supply network, is to harvest rainwater. In almost every place on Earth you have some precipitation, if not, you probably won’t be able to live there off  the grid. Water harvesting is so easy I don’t know why it isn’t used everywhere. In cities the rainwater has to be collected and discharged somehow, so IMHO it should be stored and used locally, instead of water from the supply network, to conserve that water. Rainwater harvesting is useful not when you plan to live off the grid! (more…)

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