Episode 19 – DIY 2.0 workshops

In the middle of august I spent a couple days near Łódź in a place called Cohabitat Hackerspace, where the workshops called “Do It Yourself 2.0” took place.

During that workshop several different things were built, including:

  • a single wall and an entire small building of clay and straw bale,
  • a wall made of so called “light clay” (bricks made from mixture of clay and straw),
  • cordwood wall,
  • solar thermal air collector for heating,
  • solar thermal collector for domestic hot water.

I took a good look at the composting toilets that were built at the Hackerspace. During all that time over 80 people used them, and we had no odor of any kind. They are equipped with quite interesting part that separates #1 from #2, which is crucial.

Since I was already taking part of a workshop that was entirely around building a straw bale house, this time I wanted to focus on different projects, mainly the collectors and cordwood and light clay walls.





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