I might buy a lot suitable for renewable home

As it came out recently, we (my wife and I) might have a good chance to buy a large lot of land and a small house, both suitable to make it a renewable and sustainable place to live.

A colleague I work in the same room (!) owns a 8-hectare (20 acres) lot and an old house. About 25% of the land is arable and flat, the rest consists of slopes, hill, valley, swamp and forest.

If we buy this lot, we might use most of it to plant some biomass. It has a lot of water, so drilling should be very easy. The place is also suitable for installing a wind turbine! So I might have easy access to everything that’s needed to live off the grid: fuel for heating and cooking (the house is equipped with wood stove), wind for generating electricity and a water from well.

I will keep you updated with more info if I have any.





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