From time to time I go on Google Maps or other similar sites to check for the new satelite images of my property, in good resolution.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the new images on Google Maps. Not only those photos finally have better resolution, but also my tiny house can be seen. Or it’s roof, to be more specific.

The dark gray rectangle is the roof covered with asphalt felt. The thick lighter line near the lot’s boundary is the straw I used for mulching.

But couple days ago I found out that my property can be seen also on the Google Street View, as it received a huge amount of new photos in Poland. So now anyone can see my property from the adjacent road:

From the north side.

If you could zoom in, you would see a door standing next to a northeastern wall, waiting to be installed. You could also see the rain gutters and two barrels, one of which was stolen.

The view from the south side is a bit worse, as the building is screened by the trees my neighbor has. So you have to move a bit further down the road, and then zoom back. According to my photo archive, this is more or less the state I left the building around 09.09.2012. Google says the photos were taken in september 2012, so this would be correct.

All the photos were taken, of course, from Google Maps.