No straw bale building this year

I tried, I really tried, but wasn”t able to finish my straw bale building. To be more specific, I even wasn’t able to really start the building process.

I might say that it’s not my fault, as the people who promised to help me couldn’t find the time when I needed them the most. But since I wanted to have it built, I should make sure that everything (and everyone) is in the right place.

The straw bales are now getting more and more wet on the ground, though I covered them with large polypropylene tarpaulin. Since we had first snow this winter three weeks ago and two short periods of above-freezing temperatures, the tarp is surely not enough to protect the straw from moisture.

So I suppose I will have to buy more straw the following year and use this straw for mulching. 🙂





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