Off the grid – what does it mean?

If you came to this blog, you probably already know what does living off the grid means. If not, here’s a simple explanation.

Living off the grid means you live in a self-sufficient way in terms of energy, water, heat and other utilities.

Sometimes off-grid living means being independent from ony one public utility, like the electrical grid. In some cases it means full independence from all utilities. Well, except the internet. 😉

You might easily say, that such off-grid homestead is in most cases autonomous. It’s true. Some houses don’t need any electricity from the grid, but some even supply excess electricity to the grid! It’s a better way of utilizing excess energy to sell it to someone who needs it at that time than to waste it as it’s not necessary on site.

Such autonomous building is my dream. I want my house to be independent from external energy sources. I want to have my own water source and a way to utilize most of my waste. That’s why I created this blog. To write my ideas down, to think many difficulties through, to gather information.






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