Straw bale house: rain gutters

This weekend we installed rain gutters to the straw bale building. Since I don’t have any water source on my property, I want to collect the rainwater in order to have the some water for clay plaster.

I carry all the potable water and water used for showers in my RV (camper), but I don’t want to carry all the water, even for the clay plaster… So I needed the gutters. And also some barrels. I only got my hand on 100-liter (26.4 gal) barrels, but hopefully I can get some larger ones as well in future. Or I might be forced to get remaining water some other way.

We also started building the composting toilet, but managed only to build front and back frame for the outhouse.

Oh, and I got some old windows from a friend of mine. Two will be used in the straw bale house, one will be used in the composting toilet (to provide it with heat from sunrays).





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