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I'm going to live off-grid. Read my blog and learn how to do it yourself!

How To Build An Autonomous House – Episode 2

The video attached below is the second episode of my series about building an autonomous house on my land lot.

Today I finished translating subtitles for this episode, so you can watch it with english subtitles.

This episode shows the early spring on my lot. It was recorded in high definition, but I guess that to watch it in HD you would have to visit the page for the episode.

How To Build An Autonomous House – Episode 1

Today I finally got the first part of the subtitles I ordered for my series about my autonomous house. I recorded and published 10 episodes last year, started somewhere in january or february 2010. I couldn’t share them with you as they were recorded in polish, but since I got the subtitles, I translated it for the first episode which I publish below.

In this episode I show you the land lot I will use to build my off-grid house on, with all the things I tried to do there earlier.

The video was recorded in high definition (1080p), but I guess you would have to visit the YouTube instead of using this embedded player, to watch it in HD. (more…)

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