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I'm going to live off-grid. Read my blog and learn how to do it yourself!

Peak Oil Survival – review

Today I read the last page of the book Peak Oil Survival: Preparation for Life After Gridcrash, another Amazon purchase. Since I planned to post here every week, it’s a great I have something to write about.

The book’s title indicates that it’s about preparing for living after the electrical grid crashes. It’s not a manual on off-grid living, it doesn’t describe how to supply your own water and electricity and how to heat your home for permanent off-the-grid conditions. Instead, it helps one to deal with a grid crash in a normal, or low-energy building. It won’t tell you how to make your house autonomous, but how to deal when the energy you normally use becomes unavailable. (more…)

Five Acres and Independence – review

Yesterday I finished reading a book I purchased some time ago on Amazon, the “Five Acres and Independence” by M. G. Kains. This article will start a new series of reviews of various books and articles to read. So here’s my review.

The description of this book on Amazon is very short, and consists of only one sentence, saying:

Classic of the back-to-the-land movement is packed with solid, timeless information and will teach new converts how to make their land self-sufficient.

Inspired by the title I thought that it might be a good guide to achieving independence and self-reliance with a small amount of arable land available. Five acres is not much, but I forgot that converted to the units we use in Europe it’s over 2 hectares (1 hectare is the area of a square 100×100 meters, or roughly 100×100 yards). (more…)

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  • Walden, or life in the woods

    A couple of days ago I finished reading the “Walden”, a book by Henry D. Thoreau. Though it was published more than 150 years ago (in 1854), it is considered by many off-gridders as their bible and source of inspiration. When I first started reading about living off the grid, I found references to this book. (more…)

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