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  • Water: drill (dig) your own well

    If you don’t have access to water supply network, you can harvest rainwater, or use water you have on-site. If you have access to groundwater, you need to dig or drill a well to be able to use it. Having your own well is a good idea. It is a reliable source of water, and […]

  • Is living off-grid a good way to reduce utility costs?

    I just looked at the results of the poll I posted in the sidebar when I launched this blog. I ask there, what are the causes you want to live off-grid. One of the main causes is at the moment the “to reduce utility costs”. When I cast my vote in that poll I didn’t […]

  • Water: rainwater harvesting

    One of the easiest way to obtain water when you’re off the water supply network, is to harvest rainwater. In almost every place on Earth you have some precipitation, if not, you probably won’t be able to live there off  the grid. Water harvesting is so easy I don’t know why it isn’t used everywhere. […]

  • Off the water supply network – introduction

    Water is supplied to many homes via water supply network. But it might be quite easy to get your water elsewhere, even if you’re living in an urban area.