I just finished reading a great book “The Self-Sufficient Life and How To Live It” by John Seymour. And I must say that if I was to choose one book about self-sufficiency it would be this one. It’s a great source of information for all people who, like me, want to live off the land.

The book was written by John Seymour, “known and respected as the >Father of Self-Sufficiency<“, who spent most of his life in Great Britain. This is what makes the book most useful for me – the british point of view. Most books written in United States are focused on american climate that differs a lot from what I have in Poland. Large part of the plants that are described in such books won’t grow in my part of Europe, because I have shorter and colder summers than Americans do.

The edition I own is said to be expanded with over 100 pages from “The New Self-Sufficient Gardener” and covers many interesting topics on the over 400 pages. As the first edition was published in 1976, I guess it was over the 35 years updated with all the relevant information. (more…)