Wind turbines on eBay

Though I believe that at this time wind turbines are way to expensive to buy (especially in Poland, as I explained here), not every off-gridder is also a DIY-enthusiast. Because of that some of you may be forced to purchase wind turbine, instead of making one by yourself.

If you consider buying one, I’d suggest trying to find one as cheap as possible, as it’d make it easier for you to get a return from this expense. Buying used one may be a good idea, but only if you can measure if the turbine is working properly.

Try eBay first, as I always suggest going there to buy somethin on the internet. In Poland eBay is not very popular, but we have our own similar site that also has wind turbines. Here’s a listing of 10 first products found for keyword “wind turbine”. If you want to see all listings matching this term, try here. All the following links lead to auctions on eBay.

[phpbay]wind turbine, 10[/phpbay]





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