Off-grid: disconnected from utilities

  • Records of wind power production in Poland

    During the last Christmas we have experienced windy weather in Poland. This caused not only a lot of property damage, but also had positive effects. It cleared the smog and allowed the Polish wind energy to beat several records. According to an article on the website, based on data from PSE (Polish power grid operator), […]

  • Colorful solar panels

    Until now, the solar panels (photovoltaic panels) and solar thermal collector were highly visible on the roofs of houses. In this article I will show you a technology that might change it a bit. As I found out recently, Colored Solar, a company based in US, makes solar panels in a variety of colours, e.g.: green, […]

  • Laws regarding living off-grid in Poland

    I like to answer to your questions on my blog, but this is the first time I decided to publish my reply as a separate post. That’s because the following question that came from Ellis is not an easy one.. I am looking for a place in the EU where I could buy land and […]

  • My land from above

    Last week I went to my little house to record a video using a GoPro cam attached to my RC quadrocopter I just bought. What can I say, the view is very nice, because the weather was fine that day. 🙂 You can see the plot is very narrow, but quite long. It’s the one […]

  • Wall insulation → setting up the house for winter

    The summer is finally coming to an end. Just for a couple weeks more I’ll be able to spend the night in the house without freezing my butt off. Because of that we finally started to insulate the walls using mineral wool. I want to use the house all year round. 😉 Since the last […]

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