5 reasons I want to go off-grid

Since the time I started this blog, I never took the time to write about my goals and reasons why I want to live off the grid.

Today is a good time to do it. 🙂

1. I want to be independent and free

I want to be free and be independent from all the systems of support, like the power grid or water mains. I will use most of my power bought from the grid (my solar and wind power plant will probably not provide enough energy for all my appliances). But the key appliances like ventillation fan or central heating water pump will be able to work even if the grid fails.

2. I want to save money on utility costs

I love the minimalistic idea of living with less. I believe that the best way to save on home expenses is to live in a house in the country. You can produce your own organic food, your own fuel for heating, your own power from alternative sources like solar panels.

3. I want to reduce my environmental impact

While I don’t believe in such bullcrap like human-induced greenhouse effect, I want to reduce my impact on the environment. I want to use as little fossil fuels as possible, having my own plot of land will allow me to produce my own biomass. I will also be able to run my car on vegetable oil, or power it using electricity from wind turbine.

I will walk more, grow vegetables without using fertilizers (except for homemade compost), the wastewater will be treated on site. Biodegradable waste will be composted.

4. My life would be easier in tough times

In tough times living in city will be difficult. I mean the times when SHTF, like the deep economic crisis, like the one in Agentina in 2001. Utilities will become much more expensive, if they’re available because of lack of funding for conservation of pipes and power lines.

Living in the country in such a case is easier. While it’s easier to get a job in the city, the costs of living in the country are smaller. I don’t want to work from 9 to 5, so that’s not an issue for me. I want to cut my costs of living as far as I can, this is the best way to prepare for tough times.

5. I like gadgets

Did I ever mention that I like gadget and electronic gizmos? Having my own energy source would be so cool!







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