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  • Laws regarding living off-grid in Poland

    I like to answer to your questions on my blog, but this is the first time I decided to publish my reply as a separate post. That’s because the following question that came from Ellis is not an easy one.. I am looking for a place in the EU where I could buy land and […]

  • Self-sufficiency vs self-reliance off the grid

    The more I learn about modern survival and being prepared for SHTF (which is one of the reasons I want to live off-grid), the more interesting concepts I undertand. Not being english native for some time I didn’t get the difference between self-sufficiency and self-reliance. It took me some time, and now it’s clear. You […]

  • Only a homestead may be fully autonomous, not a single house

    In terms of energy independence, or energy autonomy, it is very difficult (and probably not possible at all) to make a single house fully autonomous. While it’s easy to produce your own electrical energy, it’s much more difficult to provide your house with enough energy to heat and cool it. Wikipedia says, that typical US […]

  • Self-sufficient life on a boat? Not possible!

    Last week I explained why I believe that using propane will not make you off-grid and self-sufficient. Today I will show you something similar. Many people think they can live off-grid and be self-sufficient on a boat. To some extent it’s true, but is very much dependent on where this houseboat is to be located. […]

  • History of Solar Energy Usage

    We often think that modern societies were the first to use solar energy. Not true! Early cave dwellers preferred caves that had openings facing southeasterly that allowed the morning sun to warm them up without overheating in the warm months.  Native Americans in the Southwest oriented their pueblo dwellings.  So the low winter sun would […]