Category: my off-grid house

  • My land from above

    Last week I went to my little house to record a video using a GoPro cam attached to my RC quadrocopter I just bought. What can I say, the view is very nice, because the weather was fine that day. 🙂 You can see the plot is very narrow, but quite long. It’s the one […]

  • Wall insulation → setting up the house for winter

    The summer is finally coming to an end. Just for a couple weeks more I’ll be able to spend the night in the house without freezing my butt off. Because of that we finally started to insulate the walls using mineral wool. I want to use the house all year round. 😉 Since the last […]

  • My tiny off-grid house on Google Street View

    From time to time I go on Google Maps or other similar sites to check for the new satelite images of my property, in good resolution. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the new images on Google Maps. Not only those photos finally have better resolution, but also my tiny house can be […]

  • Photovoltaic fun

    Not so long ago I wrote here about my new deep cycle batteries. I also got a solar charge controller and two 10 Wp solar panels. One of those I am giving away on my other Polish blog to readers, the other is going to be used on my property for the composting toilet. Almost 1,5 […]

  • Episode 20: new idea for walls

    The least I wanted to have done by the end of the year was to close the building, something we call here in Poland: raw closed building. It should have all the walls, windows and doors. But not necessarily ale the stuff inside. I was not able to spend 2-3 weeks in a row during […]