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  • Records of wind power production in Poland

    During the last Christmas we have experienced windy weather in Poland. This caused not only a lot of property damage, but also had positive effects. It cleared the smog and allowed the Polish wind energy to beat several records. According to an article on the website¬†, based on data from PSE (Polish power grid operator), […]

  • Root cellar in my renewable home – why?

    For quite a long time I thought of building a root cellar for my renewable home. In this article I will describe you the basics of my idea, explaining why I want to built it so much. I must honestly say that I want to build my home as off-grid capable as possible because I […]

  • I changed blog’s theme

    I’m sorry I write about changing theme, and not about living off the grid. I just couldn’t pass by this theme I saw on another blog. I thought it fits perfectly to my idea of living off the grid — to live in the country, make your own energy and grow some biomass to heat […]

  • I might buy a lot suitable for renewable home

    As it came out recently, we (my wife and I) might have a good chance to buy a large lot of land and a small house, both suitable to make it a renewable and sustainable place to live. A colleague I work in the same room (!) owns a 8-hectare (20 acres) lot and an […]