Gifts for off-grid enthusiasts

With the holiday season near, you’re probably wondering what to buy as a gift for your friend, who likes the concept of off-grid living. In this post you will find at least a couple of ideas for such gifts. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that will be interesting for both you and the person you have in mind.

My number one suggestion for someone who likes the concept of off-grid power generation, would be any kind of portable solar energy source. My first idea was the flexible solar panel, but those panels are expensive, and generate not much energy. But if the person you want to give it likes to spend a lot time outdoors and uses many electronic gadgets like smartphones, such panels may be a good idea.

The flexible solar panels might be able to provide 12V power for devices like fountain pumps or charge deep cycle batteries. Some of such panels also have built-in batteries and sockets for USB charging, or are able to charge AA (R06) rechargeable batteries. Because of that, they’re quite universal energy source for all the electronic devices one can’t live without. You can charge a smartphone, a GPS receiver, but using the 12V socket and car charger — almost any kind of appliance.

All kinds of solar gadgets, like solar lights, may also be a good buy for a gift.

Another suggestion is to buy a book on off-grid living. Books are great for gifts, and my tip is to look for the DIY-oriented ones. From my experience, most people interested in living off the grid are also do-it-yourselfers. Maybe a book about biogas production or solar heating would be a good idea?







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