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  • Using propane is not off-grid!

    Couple of days ago I heard that many people who want to live off-grid simply move away from the gas supply network and get their gas from another source. They substitute their natural gas (used in furnaces, hot water heaters and kitchen stoves) with propane or buthane (or LPG). That’s weird, ’cause if you use […]

  • Off the gas pipe – introduction

    In many places the most popular source of energy for cooking, heating and preparing domestic hot water is the natural gas. If you’re far from the nearest natural gas pipeline, you probably use propane or propane/butane mixture (also known as liquefied petroleum gas — LPG). But what to do if you don’t want to use […]

  • Natural Gas (Wikipedia)

    Natural gas is used in many homes to fuel furnaces, stoves, cookstoves and preparing domestic hot water. It’s relatively easy to be delivered to your home (if you have a natural gas pipeline near), very easy to use and clean to burn. Burning natural gas produces almost only water vapor and carbon dioxide, with small […]