Tag: straw bale building

  • Episode 20: new idea for walls

    The least I wanted to have done by the end of the year was to close the building, something we call here in Poland: raw closed building. It should have all the walls, windows and doors. But not necessarily ale the stuff inside. I was not able to spend 2-3 weeks in a row during […]

  • Episode 19 – DIY 2.0 workshops

    In the middle of august I spent a couple days near Łódź in a place called Cohabitat Hackerspace, where the workshops called “Do It Yourself 2.0” took place. During that workshop several different things were built, including: a single wall and an entire small building of clay and straw bale, a wall made of so […]

  • Straw bale building: rain gutters and composting toilet

    In the middle of july, I took some time to gather some reusable materials: 3 wooden windows and a couple of plastic barrels. I also bought some rain gutters for my roof. I installed the gutters and started work on the composting toilet. Of course I wasn’t able to finish that job, but you can […]

  • Straw bale building: roofing felt

    This video shows the work we did at the end of june. I found this one of the most important parts of the work, as from this point the building was protected from the rain. We finished putting boards onto the roof, bought the asphalt roofing felt and installed it. I planned to harvest rainwater, […]

  • Straw bale house: rain gutters

    This weekend we installed rain gutters to the straw bale building. Since I don’t have any water source on my property, I want to collect the rainwater in order to have the some water for clay plaster. I carry all the potable water and water used for showers in my RV (camper), but I don’t […]