Wall insulation → setting up the house for winter

The summer is finally coming to an end. Just for a couple weeks more I’ll be able to spend the night in the house without freezing my butt off. Because of that we finally started to insulate the walls using mineral wool. I want to use the house all year round. 😉

Since the last episode:

  • we added one extra beam (made of three planks) supporting the roof,
  • filled the holes between wall and roof with small parts of OSB board,
  • insulated the bottom of the walls using styrofoam, glued to the exterior OSB board,
  • started insulating the walls,
  • added inner layer of OSB to the one wall we managed to insulate with wool (this time with thinner OSB, 10 mm / 0,4 in),
  • installed two cupboards and one set of shelves,
  • painted a bit the walls,
  • added some boards to the composting toilet and sealed some crevices in the building to stop cold air from flowing easily inside.

Besides that, I visited Make Camp 2013, the biggest meeting of DIY fans in Poland, where we were finishing my hybrid (air-water) solar collector. I brought it back to my land, hoping to test it soon.

Here’s the footage, enjoy!






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